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We have been the Health and Safety Consultants for a large house building company for several years.


Over this period it has gained:

•   ISO 18001 accreditation

•   RoSPA Gold achievement award for 4 consecutive years.  RoSPA’s Head of Health & Safety commented that he was “really impressed” by the firm’s “dedication to health and safety”.

•   CHAS accreditation and re-accreditations

•   ‘Excellent’ ratings in the NHBC Annual Health and Safety Audit

•   Gold Company Recognition Award from the NHBC


The company’s insurers also commented in 2010 that they were ‘impressed by the company’s consistent approach to health, safety and environmental matters’.





We do get tired of hearing people saying “but we’ve always done it this way and we’ve never had any problems”. A lot of people are quite happy to accept and use new technology (computers, iPhones, sat nav and so on), but seem to have an inbuilt resistance to any suggestion that they approach a job or task in a new and different way.


Well; jolly good luck and, if you insist on working using medieval methods and mindsets, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you.  But remember, there is always scope for improvement.  Otherwise we’d all be living in mud huts and dying at the age of 25...


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